Mapping a wide compatibility gene in rice in relation to RFLP markers
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Mapping a wide compatibility gene in rice in relation to RFLP markers Liu, A., H., Li, Q. Zhang, S. Shi, X. Jiang and G. Yang. 1992.Journal of Huazhong Agricultural University 11:213-219. ABSTRACT Wide compatibility (WC) gene in rice (Oryza sativ L.) is able to overcome the partial sterility which was frequently encountered in indica-japonica crosses. The objective of the present study was to map WC gene in relation to RFLP markers, using an F1 population from a triparent a region on chromosome 6 which we had speculated to include the WC gene based on results from previous studies using morphological markers. Six of the seven probes were polymorphic among the three parents, but only two (RG138 and RG213) were found to be useful for mapping the WC gene with the triparent cross population. We also included two additional polymorphic loci, a chromogen gene locus (C) and an isozyme locus (Est2), as reference markers. It was observed that fully fertile and partly sterile plants segregated in a typical 1:1 ratio, confirming that the wide compatibility was governed by a major dominant gene, X2 tests showed that all the four markers were linked to the WC gene, and the recombination frequencies between the WC gene and Est2, RG213, RG138 and C were 5.9%, 7.9%, 9.7% and 10.3%, respectively. Key words Oryza sativa, triparent cross, linkage analysis, wide compatibility gene.