Ribosomal DNA polymorphisms of the common wild rice from China
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Ribosomal DNA polymorphisms of the common wild rice from China Zhu, S., Q. Zhang and M. Wang. 1998. Acta Genetica Sinica 25:531-537. ABSTRACT A sample of 98 accessions of the common wild rice (Oryza rufipogon), Asian cultivated rice and Ludao, mostly from China, were assayed for ribosomal DNA polymorphisms. A total of 30 spacer length variants (slvs), which formed 45 rDNA phenotypes, were detected. Wild rice from Guangxi is the richest in diversity; 25 slvs were detected among 24 accessions. The distribution of rDNA spacer length variants were related to latitudes where the samples were collected. Samples from higher latitudes showed shorter slvs, while those from lower latitudes showed longer ones. Such geographical distributions seem to correspond well with indica-japonica differentiation. Ludao is similar to japonica rice in rDNA slvs. The data suggested that southern China is likely to be one of the centers of genetic diversity of wild rice. The results also indicated the importance of conservation and utilization of wild rice germplasm in China. Key words Oryza rufipogon, rDNA, intergenic spacer, genetic diversity