Simultaneous improvement for four quality traits of Zhenshan 97, an elite parent of hybrid rice, ...
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Simultaneous improvement for four quality traits of Zhenshan 97, an elite parent of hybrid rice, by molecular marker-assisted selection P. Zhou, Y. Tan, Y. He, C. Xu, Q. Zhang TAG Theoretical and Applied Genetics Publisher: Springer-Verlag Heidelberg ISSN: 0040-5752 (Paper) 1432-2242 (Online) DOI: 10.1007/s00122-002-1023-0 Issue: Volume 106, Number 2 Date: January 2003 Pages: 326 - 331 Abstract "Zhenshan 97" is the female parent of a number of widely used hybrids for rice production in China. However, this line is of poor quality because of a high amylose content (AC), a hard gel consistency (GC) and a low gelatinization temperature (GT), together with a chalky endosperm. It had been determined that the three traits for cooking and eating quality, AC, GC and GT, are controlled by the Waxy locus and/or the tightly linked genomic region. In this study we improved the eating and cooking quality of Zhenshan 97 by introgressing the Waxy gene region from Minghui 63 (wx-MH), a restorer line, that has medium AC, soft GC and high GT. The wx-MH fragment was transferred to Zhenshan 97B by three backcrosses and one selfing, then from Zhenshan 97B to Zhenshan 97A by a cross and a backcross. Molecular marker-assisted selection was applied in the series to select for individuals carrying wx-MH, to identify recombination between the Waxy and flanking markers, and also to recover the genetic background of the recurrent parent. According to the marker genotypes, the improved versions of Zhenshan 97B and Zhenshan 97A, or Zhenshan 97B(wx-MH) and Zhenshan 97A(wx-MH), were the same as the originals except for the Waxy region of less than 6.1 cM in length. The selected lines and their hybrids with Minghui 63, or Shanyou 63(wx-MH), showed a reduced AC and an increased GC and GT, coupled with a reduced grain opacity. Field examinations of agronomic performance revealed that Zhenshan 97B(wx-MH) and Shanyou 63(wx-MH) were essentially the same as the originals except for a significant decrease in grain weight. The simultaneous improvement of AC, GA, GT and opacity, indicated that the Waxy region had major effects on the four quality traits. The improved versions of Zhenshan 97 A and B should be immediately useful in hybrid rice production. Keywords Rice quality, Amylose content, Gel consistency, Gelatinization temperature, Opacity, Marker-assisted selection