Male and female gamete abortions, and reduced affinity between the uniting gametes as the causes ...
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Male and female gamete abortions, and reduced affinity between the uniting gametes as the causes for sterility in an indica/japonica hybrid in rice H. Y. Liu, C. G. Xu and Qifa Zhang Sexual Plant Reproduction Publisher: Springer-Verlag Heidelberg ISSN: 0934-0882 (Paper) 1432-2145 (Online) DOI: 10.1007/s00497-004-0214-z Issue: Volume 17, Number 2 Date: July 2004 Pages: 55 - 62 Abstract Hybrid sterility frequently occurs in crosses between indica and japonica subspecies of Asian cultivated rice. In this study, we investigated the cytological processes involved in formation and development of male and female gametes as well as their interactions in fertilization, using an indica/japonica hybrid in comparison with an indica/indica hybrid. It was found that more than 50% of the microspores generated in the indica/japonica hybrid could not develop into functional pollen. The abortion rate of microspores in the indica/japonica hybrid was much higher than that in the indica/indica hybrid. Abortive embryo sacs made up roughly 70% of the embryo sacs examined in the indica/japonica hybrid, which was also much higher than that detected in the indica/indica hybrid. Moreover, the amount of pollen adherence on stigmas of the indica variety upon hand-pollination with pollen from the japonica variety was much lower than the indica/indica pollination, and the number of pollen adhered on the stigmas by natural self-pollination was much greater in the indica/indica hybrid than in the indica/japonica hybrid. The indica/japonica hybrid also encountered difficulties in pollen tube growth after pollination, and the fertilization rate of the indica/japonica hybrid was much lower than that of the indica/indica hybrid. These results clearly illustrate the complexity of the mechanisms underlying inter-subspecific hybrid sterility in rice involving both pre- and post-zygotic reproductive isolation mechanisms. Keywords Oryza sativa - Indica/japonica hybrid sterility - Microspore - Megaspore - Fertilization