The ankyrin repeat gene family in rice: genome-wide identification, classification and expression...
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The ankyrin repeat gene family in rice: genome-wide identification, classification and expression profiling Huang J, Zhao X, Yu H, Ouyang Y, Wang L, Zhang Q National Key Laboratory of Crop Genetic Improvement, National Centre of Plant Gene Research (Wuhan), Huazhong Agricultural University, 430070, Wuhan, China, Abstract:Ankyrin repeat (ANK) containing proteins comprise a large protein family. Although many members of this family have been implicated in plant growth, development and signal transduction, only a few ANK genes have been reported in rice. In this study, we analyzed the structures, phylogenetic relationship, genome localizations and expression profiles of 175 ankyrin repeat genes identified in rice (OsANK). Domain composition analysis suggested OsANK proteins can be classified into ten subfamilies. Chromosomal localizations of OsANK genes indicated nine segmental duplication events involving 17 genes and 65 OsANK genes were involved in tandem duplications. The expression profiles of 158 OsANK genes were analyzed in 24 tissues covering the whole life cycle of two rice genotypes, Minghui 63 and Zhenshan 97. Sixteen genes showed preferential expression in given tissues compared to all the other tissues in Minghui 63 and Zhenshan 97. Nine genes were preferentially expressed in stamen of 1 day before flowering, suggesting that these genes may play important roles in pollination and fertilization. Expression data of OsANK genes were also obtained with tissues of seedlings subjected to three phytohormone (NAA, GA3 and KT) and light/dark treatments. Eighteen genes showed differential expression with at least one phytohormone treatment while under light/dark treatments, 13 OsANK genes showed differential expression. Our data provided a very useful reference for cloning and functional analysis of members of this gene family in rice.